Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit 2016

Case Study: Scottish Bond Broker Streamlines and Reengineers Security Trade Management System

A leading independent bond broker in Scotland asked Elegant MicroWeb to reengineer its desktop-based Security Trade Management System and streamline and integrate data flow with back office and sales data. The existing system required that users leverage different applications, and had separate interfaces for sales and office users, with numerous database redundancies and complexities. Elegant MicroWeb developed a solution to provide a homogeneous

Offshore is AWESOME! Get Yourself a Secret Weapon

I recently met a colleague at a conference and we were talking about the importance of partnerships. I told my colleague that for a number of years, our business has leveraged offshore services and he seemed quite surprised. That conversation reminded me that many people are still under the impression that offshore partnerships are unwieldy, undependable and result in poor outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The

You Don’t Need KPIs or Balanced Scorecards to Manage Corporate Performance – Myth-4

It is easy to get confused by the plethora of business intelligence tools and claims in the BI tools market today! But, there is no reason to be discouraged. Your enterprise can cut through the confusion, debunk the BI market myths and make the right decision for the business and for your business users. Choose a tool that will truly empower your business users and allow you to hold users accountable for results and work as a team, with collaborative features and

5 ways of ensuring successful partnership in IT Business

Once I was asked a question “are you happy or how is your married life?” fancy that…It is not that marriages are easy, the stress involved is merely about managing expectations. How you manage expectations is basically about how effective your communications work. Being a Details >

Case Study on Benchmarking Consulting Co. Moves XLS Calculations to Online Solution

A UK consulting firm engaged Elegant MicroWeb to design an online bench-marking system to replace the existing bench-marking process which was managed by spreadsheet, and transfer complex calculations to a flexible online system that would allow for redesign of benchmark parameters and standards and integration with workflow and user management. Elegant MicroWeb created a

Ditch the Nightmares and Dream Big with Great BI Tools

Business Intelligence
I had a nightmare last night! I woke up sweating, with my heart beating fast and when I realized it was just a dream, I laughed out loud. You might wonder what got me all upset. Well, it’s simple really. I talked to a friend yesterday and that conversation stayed with me and it must have caused my nightmare. ###