Miss Betty Says: What’s the Big Deal about Content Management?

Last week, my friend, Betty asked me a shocking question. "What's the big deal about content management?"I nearly choked on my cheeseburger! After all, Content Management Systems are king. If you don’t think so, consider this. Your business must produce and sustain fresh content; interesting content; well organized, well-conceived content

Visual Analytic Monitors. Deep Dive Discovers!

Deep Dive Analysis
There is lot of noise about Visualization of data in BI space these days. Simple charts, complex charts (few of them can not be digested by many business users :) ), tons of properties and configurations and much more…. Yes, a great work has been done in these area by most of the vendors in the BI marketplace today, and all decision makers are

Understand the Value of Balanced Scorecards

You believe in your organization! If you didn’t, you would not be in business. But, belief is not enough! To successfully operate your business, you must develop a workable strategy, and monitor and adjust that strategy, to achieve optimum results in an ever-changing market. Imagine a world in which every employee, line manager, business unit

Imagine the Possibilities! BI Tools Take You to the Top!

There is no doubt that business intelligence is making businesses (and their employees) smarter, faster and better at everything from competing in the market to satisfying their customers, optimizing resources and creating new products and services. The popularity of Details >