Don’t Rob Your Users: Give Them Good Old-Fashioned Ad-Hoc Analytics

Today's business managers and owners are savvy enough to know that self-serve business intelligence is the way to go. Business users need data visualization, monitoring and analysis if they are going to help the organization to achieve the best results and compete in the market. You want to provide true data democracy in your organization and since most BI tools vendors are pitching the benefits of self-serve BI, one might assume that real self-serve BI tools

Growing a Small Business

From CMS to eCommerce to Custom Made Applications, small business need all, if not many to both engage, compete and grow in today's Internet driven markets. What we do is to ensure you have arrived and stay on top using technology as a backbone.
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If You Want to Keep Your Customers, You NEED RWD!

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Responsive web design (RWD) is a buzz-phrase that all tech people understand. But, when you start talking about Responsive Web  Design, Adaptive Web Design, Content First Design, and other mobile concepts, the average business person tunes out (and with  good reason). I won't argue that it is important for every business person to understand the basic importance of making websites,  applications and online presence a pleasant experience for

5 Ingredients for a Successful Tech Start-up

Startups are popping up like mushrooms everyday, pretty much every startup has the same message.
“We are a startup, we are in search of funding…“How wonderful will it be to get funding… the startups that get funded are celebrities. They do get exemplary treatments in the media circuits, suddenly they are news worthy materials. Of course they could be having something very serious and sincere, disruptive to market kind of

Let’s Talk About BI Data Democracy

When business intelligence vendors talk about democratizing data discovery, they can have very different interpretations about 'democracy'. If a business intends to provide self-serve BI tools to its employees for daily use and data discovery, it must provide true data democratization. The business user cannot be limited to viewing static dashboards developed by dashboard developers with only the most basic drill down and filtering capabilities. Business

Psychology of Product Development

You know what would be boring…? A lesson on psychology! So as to make the article interesting, let us progress with a story arc format consisting of the good, the bad and the funny side! Product-Development-Psychology
The Good Side of the Story! We have known people and have worked for people who understand nothing about technology, but have a defined domain knowledge or expertise or clarity of purpose to pursue use of technology