Visualize Business Success with Smart Data Visualization

Visualize Business Success with Smart Data VisualizationCan your eyes be smart? This might seem like a silly question. After all, your eyes don’t have their own intelligence. They depend on your brain to untangle and figure out the solution to a problem and to translate what the eye takes in and make it something you can understand. The ‘ah hah’ moment doesn’t come from the eyes. It comes from the brain, right?

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Software Re-Engineering Will Make You a Hero!

Software-Reengineering-EBA-Blog Your business has spent a long time building its technology infrastructure. Legacy systems, best-of-breed software, mobile apps, ERP, HR, CRM and lots of other alphabet-based applications to serve the needs of team members, departments, senior management and even the technology staff. But things change. Business users, customers and partners have new expectations and needs and the prospect of buying or creating new

Social Networking and Business Intelligence. YES! It is Important!

Let’s talk about the application of social media and social networking within the Business Intelligence environment. This might seem like an odd concept but give it some thought. Every consumer and business user is now used to the idea that they can share, rate, discuss and learn from others. This idea has become an expectation and it could and should apply to Business Intelligence and to your business users as well!

Welcome, Citizen Data Scientists

Citizen Data Scientists I recently attended a business intelligence conference and I was reminded how important data democratization is for every company. One of the most important things to consider is how crucial it is to give your business users good, easy-to-use tools for smart visualization, plug n’ play predictive analysis and self-serve data preparation. It is one thing to SAY you want your business users empowered and accountable. It is another to expect them to

Think eCommerce is Saturated? I Disagree!

Ecommerce Ar-50 My friend Murray is giving me a hard time. I tried to convince him to embrace eCommerce and expand his online business but he says that online business is saturated. He says there is no point in creating or upgrading online stores and sites because people are already confused by all the choices they have. I disagree!

Guarantee BI Success: Why Self-Serve BI Initiatives Fail

Many organizations have invested time and effort in launching a self-serve business intelligence initiative, only to find that the initiative has failed to deliver the anticipated results. When this happens, organizations often struggle to understand why and how things went wrong. There are numerous reasons for a self-serve BI tool initiative to fail or to fall short of expectations. In this article, we will discuss some of the factors